I've known Rob for a couple of years now and he is the best.  He has truly made me a better football player.  I have developed a better work ethic.  He has honestly shown me the light and created confidence in my own personal abilities.

Justin Anderson: Former Northern Illinois University Football Player: 2010 NFL Draft Prospect, 2007 2nd Team All MAC Selection

While working out with Rob for the 2010 Michigan State University Pro Day I have become bigger, faster, and stronger.  Not only have I been trained to become a better athlete overall, I have learned specific mechanics that I can bring to the next level of the NFL.  Thanks Rob for all the help.

Brandon Denson: Former Michigan State Football Player: 2010 NFL Draft Prospect

I had the pleasure of working with Rob in preparation for my Pro Day at the University Of Notre Dame.  His knowledge and expertise of various training methods helped me reach my full athletic potential and put me in a great position to be successful.  Rob helped to develop a fun and intense training environment that helped me to bring my own energy and excitement during the long and difficult training process.

Scott Smith: Former Notre Dame Football Player: 2009 Team Captian

Working with Rob has been a very good experience for me.  He has helped me to change the composition of my figure and increase my speed in a short amount of time.  He was easy to work with, but stern and works with his clients to get sound results.  I would recommend anyone to Rob.

James Aldridge: Former Notre Dame Football Player: 2010 NFL Draft Prospect; USA Rugby

I have trained with Rob for over a year.  His knowledge of training techniques and human performance is comprehensive, and he implements this skill very effectively.  He is well-respected by both his clients and coworkers as a progressive and effective professional.  I have witnessed phenomenal results that his clients obtained in a short time span.  He is more than qualified to train any level of athlete for performance goals or to assist an adult in achieving their best level of fitness.  My best workouts have been with Rob, and he has helped me accomplish my lifting and fitness goals.  He is a great trainer and a friend.

Trent Rogers: International Power Lifting Association: World Bench Press Record Holder

I have worked with Rob over the last 2 or 3 years and he is really a great trainer. He really knows his stuff and is a great person. He has a great way of coming up with exercises to really fit your unique needs. He has a great background of gyms and trainers he has learned from. Now I really see him as one of the elite trainers in sports performance.

Sergio Brown: New England Patriots

Rob has been my personal trainer for 2 hours a day and 5 days per week.  As a de-conditioned athlete at the age of 53, Rob's job was to get me back in shape.  He is a fantastic trainer and an equally great person.  Watching him train the NFL's finest and the upcoming NFL prospects and high school athletes was an honor.  He is beyond well respected among his clients.

Kevin M. Dwyer: CEO, Schaff International, LLC

Rob is a great guy to work with.  I came in to train for the NFL Draft and Rob quickly raised my standards of what I needed to do to make it.  He is very knowledgeable and is always able to get everything you have in you.  He helped make me a pro and for that I will always be thankful.

Brit Miller: St. Louis Rams